Multimedia Publishing

Multimedia Publishing

Arts, Audio/Video, Communications – WVEIS#1684

Engage Your Audience with Photos, Video, Sound, Graphics, and Text.

The use of multimedia has exploded in recent years. Everyone needs video, photography, design, and writing to promote their businesses or organizations or to share their interests with the world. Creative people have unlimited opportunities to express themselves with modern technology. You can build an audience or work for clients all over the world from wherever you want thanks to the internet.

Students in this program get hands-on experience with various skills used in the multimedia industry. You will develop skills that you can use to work for an employer, start your own business, or use as a side gig to increase your income.

Through Simulated Workplace, the class operates as a company called Full Steam Publishing. All of our clients are right here in the school. You will work on several jobs for the school doing things like photography, producing videos, and printing. We create I.D. badges for all students and faculty and the school’s yearbook. We also print uniforms for other classes, and make products for the school store. Your creativity and work will help improve our school.

What You Will Do in the Class

Shoot portrait, product, and macro photography. Design and print products to be sold in the school’s online store. Create a Youtube channel with branding and a trailer video. Write blog articles. Design and print jobs for the school including T-shirts, business cards, graduation programs, etc. Build a website for your portfolio.

Skills You Will Learn

Photography, shooting and editing video, recording and audio for voiceovers and podcasting, basic motion graphics and 2D animation, media writing, graphic design, HTML and CSS web coding,  and printing T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, etc.

Tools You Will Use

DSLR cameras and studio lighting, video cameras, podcasting mixer and microphones, computers with Adobe Creative Cloud software, various printers, book binding tools, heat presses

This program has first-year and second-year students working together in the same class. The curriculum alternates between even and odd number years so that everyone can be in the same course.

Multimedia Syllabus

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  • Videographer
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  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Animator
  • Web Designer

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