Coding, App & Game Design

Coding, App and Game Design

Information Technology – WVEIS#IT1442

Build the Apps the World Runs on!

Computer applications impact us in almost every area of our life. In the Coding, App & Game Design class, you will learn to write programs ranging from utilities to applications to games using Python as our primary programming language.

In this two year program, first and second year students work together in teams to develop real projects. Second year students act as project leaders, directing the work and supervising their teams. The environment is designed to make the experience realistically reflect project management in the web design and game development industry. Students learn team building and interpersonal skills to prepare them for leadership roles in their careers. Why just learn how to do the work when you can train to be the boss?

A portfolio is an important tool for getting into a college program or landing a job in this field. Our students develop a portfolio to showcase the work they do on both gaming and applications.

What You Will Do in the Class

Explore various technologies used to develop applications,games and utilities, such as a Discord Bot. Design and build interactive applications and games through storyboarding, coding, and graphics development.

Skills You Will Learn

Python programming, GUI Design, Game Design, animation and graphics. We’ll also learn some web design and basic Computer Science concepts. You will Code, Code and then Code (No block coding in this class!)

Tools You Will Use

Notepad ++, Python, PyCharm, PyGame, Microsoft Office, Windows PC

Major Units of Study

Python I
Python II
Python GUI Development
Python Object Oriented Programming
Pygame – Intro to 2d Game Development in Python
Intro to Databases
Python Game Development
Computer concepts covered throughout the year

Related Job Titles

Application Development
Game Design
Game Development
Project Management
Python Developer
Web Developer
JavaScript Developer

Related College Programs

Game Software Development
Baker College, Allen Park, MI

Game and Simulation Programming
DeVry University, Manassas, VA

Graphic Design
Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

Our Happy Students

Check out some of our students’ work.

Applications for our high school programs are only open for a short term, usually from September through December. Please talk to your guidance counselor about the possibility of applying if the application period has already closed.