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Criminal Justice

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security – WVEIS#LA1020

A Society is Defined By How It Defines Justice.

The field of Law & Public Safety offers some very exciting and rewarding career opportunities. With new breakthroughs in forensic technology and an ever-evolving domestic and international Criminal Justice landscape, it’s almost guaranteed that a career as a law enforcement or criminal justice professional will be anything but boring. There is an ever-expanding list of legal and law enforcement career opportunities that welcome individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

Are you interested in serving and protecting as a uniformed officer on the street, solving crimes with clues at the scene, or defending the innocent in a courtroom? You will learn how to apply your talents to these various specialties in the Law & Public Safety program.

Law & Public Safety is challenging and rigorous. A strong academic background is recommended for students interested in applying for this program.

What You Will Do in the Class

Participate in debates over legal and ethical issues, Learn and practice proper arrest procedures, operate a police car and conduct traffic stops, become a member of a CSI team and investigate staged crime scenes, participate in mock trials and intern in a criminal justice related field.

Skills You Will Learn

Tactical communication, proper arrest procedures, crowd control, traffic scenarios, situational responses, crime scene investigations, and court proceedings.

Tools You Will Use

Duty belt with handcuffs, training firearm, flashlight, radio, a police patrol car with radio, sirens, and lights; uniform, crime scene kit with camera, evidence collection containers, sketching materials, measuring devices, and computers;  mock courtroom.


AM Syllabus 23-24

PM Syllabus 23-24

Reading Materials

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Applications for our high school programs are only open for a short term, usually from September through December. Please talk to your guidance counselor about the possibility of applying if the application period has already closed.