Academic Classes

Academic Classes

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Students who prefer the advantages of attending a small school are able to study the tech class of their choice and complete many of their academic credits all on one campus. JRTI offers the 4 core academic classes for 11th and 12th grades. These classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who not only stress academic rigor but also incorporate technical career relevance into the lessons and project-based learning. Students who attend the academic program in addition to their technical class receive a broader educational foundation.

Many of our highly successful students attend JRTI for technical and academic studies. Students feel unified and a part of the school culture when they attend JRTI for their core academic classes. Additionally, students who attend JRTI for both technical and academic classes have more opportunities for participation in technical organizations, field trips, and clubs.

Sample Academic Courses Offered:

  • Contemporary Studies (US History)
  • Civics
  • Math 3 Technical Readiness
  • Conceptual Math
  • Transitional Math
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Earth Science
  • Conceptual Chemistry
  • 11th Grade Reading and English Language Arts
  • 12th Grade Reading and English Language Arts

In addition to the classes above, JRTI also offers electives such as Psychology. Students in need of an Art credit can take Digital Imaging. Our electives offerings change occasionally, so check with our guidance counselor about which courses are available.

Course Syllabuses


JRTI offers English 11 and English 12.

English 11 & 12 Syllabus

Reading Materials-English


JRTI offers Math Modeling, PreCalculus/Trigonometry, and Algebra 2.

Syllabus -Math Modeling

Syllabus -PreCalc-Trig


Reading materials are listed in the syllabus for each math course.


JRTI offers Anatomy and Physiology, and Forensics.

Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus 2023

Forensics Syllabus 2023

Social Studies

JRTI offers Civics, Contemporary Studies, and Psychology.

Civics Syllabus

Contemporary Studies syllabus

Psychology Syllabus

Reading Materials-Social Studies