JRTI Forms

Forms used by the public

Form Title and LinkDescription
Summer Career Academy RegistrationRising 9th and 10th graders can sign up for the Summer Career Academy that takes place each June.
Career Fair RegistrationSign your company up for the JRTI Career Fair
Employment ApplicationApply for a position at JRTI.
Volunteer ApplicationApply to work for JRTI as a volunteer.
Indemnity Agreement – Out of School Production WorkRequest for indemnity for students to work on a project.
Property Scheduling RequestRequest the use of JRTI’s facilities.
Submit a testimonialShare your experience at JRTI.

Forms used by JRTI students and applicants

Form Title and LinkDescriptionRequired for High School Students
ACE ApplicationApply to our ACE programs.
High School ApplicationApply to our high school programs.
High School Student Data FormRequired at the beginning of the school year for all enrolled high school students.
Scholarship ApplicationACE applicants can apply for several scholarship opportunities with this one form.
Scholarship ReferencesRequest references for your scholarship application.
Dorm Guidelines/ApplicationACE students can apply for a dorm room. The file contains the rules/guidelines for dorm use.
Administration of MedicationHigh school students who need to take medication during school must submit this form.
Adult Consent and WaiverACE students must submit this form to be able to use computers and devices connected to our network.
Adult Student Withdrawal or TerminationACE students who need to withdraw must submit this form.
Formal Title IX ComplaintAny student who needs to file a Title IX complaint must submit this form to the Title IX Coordinator.
Mobile Device Take Home Usage AgreementThis form must be signed before a JRTI device can be borrowed.
Nomination for Teacher of the TermSubmit this form to the principal to nominate your teacher for the Teacher of the Term Award.
Parking Permit ApplicationApplication for high school students who need to be able to drive to JRTI.
Parking Permit Application – ACEApplication for a parking permit for ACE students.
Photograph & Video ReleaseYou may be asked to sign this form if the school wishes to use your image for recruiting and marketing purposes.
Student and Parent Policy SignaturesAll high school students and their parents must submit this signed form showing that you are aware of certain policies.
Student Emergency InformationACE students must provide emergency information. For high school students, this is part of the Student Data Form.
Vending Refund RequestIf you put money in one of our vending machines but did not receive the selected item or were not refunded or dispensed the appropriate change at the machine, submit this form to the office.
Office of Civil Rights, Title IX SurveyTo be completed each May by ACE students.
ACE Student Satisfaction SurveyTo be completed each May by ACE students.