Search and Seizure in Public Schools

Policy 1313

Student lockers are school property and remain, at all times, under the control of the school; however, students are expected to assume full responsibility for the contents of their lockers. Periodic, general inspections of lockers may be conducted by school authorities at any time without notice and without student consent. The James Rumsey Technical Institute will not be responsible for any article a student may leave in his/her locker.

Any school administrator has the authority to search a student‘s personal possessions, (purse, bag, wallet, book bag, etc.) and/or vehicle or bicycle on school property or at a school function as long as the administrator has reasonable suspicion that the student is violating school policy or state or federal law. In any case where a violation of state law may have occurred, the administration has the right to refer the offense to civil authorities and/or the police.

Any student committing an offense or violation is responsible for any and all damages and personal injuries, and the parents or legal guardians are responsible for damages to the extent provided by the law.