Medication Policy

Policy 1308

Medications can be administered at school when it is absolutely necessary and when proper prescriptive information and parental consent have been provided. Parents should administer medication at home if at all possible. Students are not permitted to self-medicate or carry medications with them while on school property with the exception of inhalers or emergency medications ordered and recommended by a physician’s order.

Medications must be in the original container from the pharmacy with the student’s name, name of medication, dosage, the date, and the physician’s name. For high school and postsecondary students, a “Medication Use” form must be on file with the school. In addition, an “Administration of Medication” form must be completed with signatures of the parent/guardian and physician. This form must designate the type of medication, amount to be given, and the schedule to be followed. If the dosage of medication should change, the parent must indicate the change in writing, and confirmation from the physician’s office is required. A new medication form is required, and a correctly labeled medication bottle must be received.

Medication given three (3) times a day (such as antibiotics) should be given at home. Parents should bring medication to the school office.