Automobile Policy

Policy 1301

Applicable to Adult and High School Students

All vehicles parked on campus must have a parking permit. These permits are to be purchased in the main office. Vehicles without permits will be towed at the owner’s expense. Once a car is parked, there is to be no loitering in or around the vehicle at any time. When driving on campus, students will drive slowly and cautiously. Priority is given to buses for all arrivals and dismissals. Students may not leave the classes until 2:10.

High School Students — Automobile Policy/Closed Campus

If the student misses the bus and wants to drive to JRTI, he/she must first report to the home school office and obtain a completed driving form. After arriving at JRTI, students must report to the front office to receive a temporary parking permit.

High school students who drive to school are not permitted to leave the closed campus unless they are (1) leaving at the end of their regularly scheduled classes for James Rumsey, (2) have a note from home and have signed out at the front office, (3) have a verified medical or dental appointment, or (4) are participating in a clinical and/or work-based learning experiences.

The School Administration is charged with reviewing and approving applications. Students who are approved will receive a parking permit for a fee of $20.00. Students enrolled in Health Occupations and are job shadowing receive permits in October; and students interning for Criminal Justice receive parking permits second semester.

High school students receiving parking permits must abide by the guidelines provided on the permit application. They may not transport other students to or from campus without specific written permission and confirmation. Students who are riding with other student drivers must have proper authorization and all forms completed. Failure to comply may result in out-of-school suspension. All high school students are to park in the north parking lot of James Rumsey.

Students who occasionally need to drive may obtain a one-day-only parking permit. These permits are issued in the event of a student’s missing the bus or leaving during normal class hours. These permits are issued on a limited basis. The first three (3) are free, but the student will be charged $5 for each additional permit. Transporting other students without prior, proper authorization is prohibited.

Adult Students — Automobile Policy

Adult students are required to have a parking permit. Adult students are not to transport high school students to or from James Rumsey Technical Institute.