Attendance: High School Students

Policy 1102

James Rumsey Technical Institute’s attendance policy follows the West Virginia State and Berkeley County Schools’ attendance policies and procedures. A copy of these policies is available upon request. Students who are absent need to provide an absence excuse to their James Rumsey Technical Institute instructor for admission into class. Student absences are reported daily in WVEIS (WV Education Information System). A Student Assistance Team (SAT) will review unusual circumstances regarding class contact time. Following an absence, students are responsible for making up all work missed within the following timelines:

  • Students will be given two days to bring in an acceptable excuse following an absence.
  • Upon return to school, a student will be granted one full day for each day’s absence to complete work missed during such absence(s). Tests, projects, and major assignments scheduled prior to the student’s absences will be due the day the student returns unless prior arrangements were made with the teacher.
  • Upon teacher approval, additional time may be granted to complete work missed by documenting and signing an agreement with the teacher, which shall be retained by the teacher until all final grades are calculated at the conclusion of the school year. As soon as they return to school, it is the responsibility of the students to make all the necessary arrangements with the teacher for making up missed work. When the teacher sets an appointment for make-up work, tests, etc. and the student fails to show (assuming he or she is in school), the make-up work will be recorded as a “zero.”