ACE Virtual Tour

Welcome to the virtual tour of our ACE programs.

Use the player below to watch introductions and program descriptions from each of our instructors. Click the playlist icon in the top-right corner of the player to show links to each program. Having trouble viewing the YouTube videos? If you are on a school-issued Chromebook, YouTube may be blocked. Click here to see the videos on MyVRSpot.

virtual tour Get a closer look. Scroll down to navigate through our classrooms and shops in an interactive 3D map.

virtual tour Are you ready to become a JRTI student? It will only take a couple of minutes to fill out the online application. Go to go to the application form.

Interactive Tour

With the interactive tour, you can pan and zoom around our classrooms and shops. Click on the Floor Plan icon floor plan icon to open a top-down map of the school. Locate the program you want to see and click on the location pin to jump to that room. Each program has several views you can look at. Click the three dots in the top right corner to change it to full screen.